Naga by Hajime Sorayama: Fetish Art

A long time ago, in a comic shop far, far away, I came across this beautiful art book featuring works by Hajime Sorayama, a Japanese artist known for his beautiful painting and sexy images of women and robotic things. Forgive me for the photos; I don't have great lighting and the flash causes some parts to blow out, but the color is much more saturated than how it appears.

Naga are Hindu serpent water gods. This book is large (10" x 14") and is full color all the way through. It's a collection of pinups of a very different sort: almost all are of the fetish variety. But the best part is the kinky stuff, of course.

look at how the water is so sparkly! oh I love it.
There's a ton of bondage, leather, crazy outfits and such, but there's also some strange animal eroticism. The book, while published in 1997, definitely has a very 80s vibe to it.

Yep, she's peeing.

There's also his fantastic interpretations of technology, instrumentation, shiny steel things. Like this post-surgery girl. I love her wrapped ankle.
And this is just like 1/100 of the book. You can see in the detail photo above how many pages there are. I <3 this book so much, it's been one of my most prized possessions.

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